The Lough Gowna lake system covers an area of 1,800 acres (728 hectares) and is known as one of the best course fishing waters in Europe.

The map below indicates the lake in and around Lough Gowna. For a more detailed map of the River Erne System, please click here.

Lough Gowna Map

11. Dernaferst Area, Lough Gowna: An amenity area with good waterside park. The lake to the south and approached under the bridge has good swims at the stile. Good for bream to 4lb., with roach, hybrids, perch and pike. On the northern lake, the best bream swims are 200m along the bank. This lake also holds some brown trout.

12. Dring, Lough Gowna: Bream, roach, perch, pike, eels.

13 .Cloone, Lough Gowna: Waterside parking. Best fishing on the left, by the island, for bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike, eels and some brown trout.

14. Andy's Point, Church Lake, Lough Gowna: Access to parking at the waterside. The best swims are approached over the first stile. Bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike, eels

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