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Angling Guide to Map

1. Town Lake: In Carrigallen this lake is fishable from stands for tench, roach, some bream, hybrids, perch, pike and eels.

2. Gangin Lake: There is parking beside this muddy lake. It holds bream, roach, hybrids, some tench, perch and pike. To the left is Mosies Lake.

3. Cullies Lake: A good bream lake with waterside park. It also holds roach, hybrids, perch, pike, eels.

4. Gulladoo Lake: These are two big lakes. The first, Gulladoo Lower has a good stretch at a narrow section, approached down a slope from the nearby road. Here you will find good bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike, eels. The lower lake, approach over a bridge, has shallow margins and also has the same species.

5. Beaghmore Lake: Bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike.

6. Tully Lake:Easy access to water side car park. Good bank fishing for bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike.

7. Lough Naback: Char, brown trout, perch, roach, eels. This lake is on the National Heritage list.

8. Hollybank Lake: Access to this lake is from the Carrigallen road. Roach, bream, hybrids, perch, pike, eels.

Guinikin Lake:Tench, roach, some bream, hybrids, perch, pike.

10. Enaghan Lake: Bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike.

11. Dernaferst Area, Lough Gowna: An amenity area with good waterside park. The lake to the south and approached under the bridge has good swims at the stile. Good for bream to 4lb., with roach, hybrids, perch and pike. On the northern lake, the best bream swims are 200m along the bank. This lake also holds some brown trout. The dotted line on the map indicates a private access to a good bream stretch.

12. Dring, Lough Gowna:Bream, roach, perch, pike, eels.

13. Cloone, Lough Gowna: Waterside parking. Best fishing on the left, by the island, for bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike, eels and some brown trout.

14. Andy's Point, Church Lake, Lough Gowna:Access to parking at the waterside. The best swims are approached over the first stile. Bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike, eels.

15. Swan Lake: A slow water but does produce good catches of good roach. It also holds perch, pike and some tench.

16. Bawndoora Lake: This water holds some tench but fishing is slow. It also has roach, perch and pike.

17. Aghanoran Lake: Parking beside the lake. There are good swims to the right for bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike, eels.

18. Derries Lake:Approached over a long narrow road, there is good parking after the right turn at the cross-roads. Do not park in the field here. The good stretch produces bream, roach, hybrids, perch, pike, eels. At Deignan's Point further along there are six productive swims.

19. River Erne, Sallaghan Bridge: There are limited swims for roach, hybrids, some bream, perch at the bend up-river from the bridge. Do not park in the field here.

20. River Erne, Dingin Bridge and Wateraghy Bridge: Here the water has fast shallows and some deep pools. There are roach, perch, some brown trout, pike and eels.

21. Killycannon Lake:Beside the Cavan/Ballinagh road, this lake holds roach, some rudd and bream, hybrids, perch and some tench.

22. Kill Lake, Corglass Lake:Near Kilnaleck, these waters are at the top of the River Erne System. Access to Kill Lake is over private property at a farm. Shallow margins and holding good roach, bream, hybrids, perch, pike. The access to Corglass Lake is also over a private road, through a gate to parking. Fishing is from stand and some bank swims. Roach, bream, hybrids, perch, pike and eels.

Water Characteristics

The waters shown on this map to the centre and right are at the top of the River Erne System. From Brusky and Killydoon, the Legwee River flows into the complex of waters forming Lough Gowna. The big lakes here hold bream, roach and other cyprinids but these rich waters also hold salmonids. The waters near Carrigallen flow by Killeshandra and then into Lough Oughter.

The lakes shown on the bottom left, Doogarry, Corglass, Annagh and others are in the River Shannon System. These waters, some of which lie in bogland, hold pike, perch, roach, some rudd and in some cased only, good bream.


The Erne waters at Carrigallen, Arva and Gowna hold the usual bream which average 2½ lbs., with roach, hybrids, perch, pike and eels. In the Gowna lakes brown trout are found. The shallow, fast waters of the river from Gowna also hold some trout. Tench are not common here and are located in the lakes noted. It should be noted that only those waters listed and numbered have access to them. (See Access note below) The River Erne flows slowly towards Lough Oughter at the top, where bream are more common. The Gowna A.C. controls trout fishing in the local waters.

Access to Waters

Special Note: Reference is made on this map to land and access points which may be on private property. Such quotations do not imply a right of way. Fishermen should always take care to see that the necessary permission in the proper form is obtained from the owners. The normal access to waters is over Fisheries stiles. Do not open gates and park in field. At all times respect the landowners' property. Keep the waterside clean and bring your litter home.


All fish should be handled with care. Do not retain bream, roach or tench for a long period in a net. Return the fish gently to the water. All pike should be returned ALIVE to the water. Be a good sport!

Important Notice: Coarse Fishing Laws in Ireland

  1. It is illegal to have or to use live fish as bait.
  2. The only legal method to catch freshwater fish is by rod and line.
  3. A person may fish with not more than two rods at any time.
  4. It is illegal to transfer live roach from one water to any other waters. Offenders may be prosecuted.

Bye Law No. 667 prohibits:

  1. the taking or killing by any person of more than one pike on any day;
  2. the taking or killing by any person of any pike exceeding 6.6 lbs. (3 kgs) in weight;
  3. any person having in his possession more than one dead whole pike or alternatively, more than 3.3lbs (1.5kgs) by weight of pike flesh or parts.
Note: Penalties for breach of the above laws include confiscation of tackle and heavy fines.

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